The new version of the CTA COMPACT+ applicative software for management of air handling units is now available.


The functionalities introduced are:


  • with automatic ventilation, setting the fan steps number at 3 or 9 step
  • with manual ventilation, setting the fan steps number at 3 or 9 step
  • possibility to assign the management of the antifreeze alarm to the AI2 input
  • in case of antifreeze and return fan, the AO3 output is not forced to a fixed value
  • in the antifreeze case, outputs A03 and A04 are not rescaled on the limits set in the mask but modulate 0-10V
  • on NABLA interface, fan color change on the NABLA main page according to the ON-OFF status of the unit
  • moved the dirty filter alarm from DI1 exp. board 1 to DI1 main board
  • changed the type of air quality probe from 0..10 V to 4..20 mA
  • parameters AO3L, AO3H, AO4L, AO4H, AO5L, AO5H, A3LE, A3HE have been moved to the set-point parameters menu
  • set the reset of the meters that manage the air renewal
  • on NABLA interface modified descriptions of the parameters HCU, PHU, AFAN, AHUM
  • modified the automatic selection of the free-cooling management probe


The complete characteristics are to be found on our page CTA COMPACT+