Electronic cards and display for fan-coil unit management

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Electronic cards and local displays for the control of fan coils with AC (3 speed) or brushless motor on 2 or 4-pipe systems (1 or 2 valves on/off).


Touch control panel, complete with LED display for viewing the desired room temperature or set-point, keys for setting the room setpoint, fan speed (AUTO, MIN, MED, MAX) and the operating mode heating/cooling, manual/automatic, ventilation (OFF/S/W/Auto/Fan) and room air temperature probe.

Wall installation, covering any 503 built-in electrical box.

  1. Heat mode active
  2. Cooling mode active
  3. Auto mode active
  4. Off mode
  5. Fan speed value min
  6. Fan speed value med
  7. Fan speed value max
  8. Fan speed mode auto
  9. 3-Digit value

A. Fan speed selection
B. Down
C. Up
D. Mode selection, ON/OFF


Power board complete with minimum water temperature probe and relay auxiliary contacts for ON/OFF valve management in 2-pipe, 2-pipe with electric heater or 4-pipe systems.

Continuous 0-10 V speed control with EC-Inverter motor or 3-speed control for fan-coil units with AC motor.

Air probe and water probe with connection available on power board or integrated air sensor on remote display.

Digital inputs n.3, configurable as remote ON/OFF, remote summer/winter, economy, window contact, general alarm on entry to the unit.

Board supplied with plastic protection container (IP21).

Integrated master slave management up to 15 units in total.



In combination with the receiver board it allows remote control of the fan-coil.

The remote control is complete with support for wall mounting.