Web site access portal

Direct access to your remote plant connected to the internet by mobileROUTER from our portal www.remotegate.it

No software, just a browser!

  • secure connection without need to install software on the device (PC, tablet, etc.)
  • access to the plant via PC, tablet, smartphone via web
  • multiplatform (windows, linux, android, apple …)

remoteGATE is the web portal that allows simple and secure access to local monitoring systems based on our plantMANAGER and plantMANAGER LT webserver platforms.

Access to the system through a customized profile and relative password, to allow visibility of the various systems under management.
Shows the list of plants associated with a given profile.

On the plant it’s sufficient to install our mobileROUTER device, which, by using the existing LAN network or the mobile data network, allows the creation of a VPN channel to our servers where the remoteGATE portal is active.

Access to the plants takes place after providing personal credentials to the portal, by web page reachable at www.remotegate.it.

No app or software to install on PC or special configurations are required: one of the various browsers available for smartphones, tablets, PCs is sufficient.

It’s possible to customize the portal colors, the logo and the access URL (eg customerx.remotegate.it).

  1. Power LED
  2. Power socket
  3. Mobile network signaling LED
  4. SIM port
  5. LED signal strength
  6. LAN port
  7. FIELD port
  8. WiFi antenna connector
  9. Reset button
  10. 3G antenna connector